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Patricia R. Stout, Bankruptcy Process, Covington, GA

Your Partner During the Bankruptcy Process in Covington, GA

Are tired of taking calls from creditors, frustrated with trying to make ends meet, and simply wish you could somehow reboot your entire financial situation? If so, at our bankruptcy law firm, we are ready to help you put these concerns behind you. When filing for bankruptcy, we will help you throughout the bankruptcy process in Covington, GA. We are intimately familiar with the bankruptcy process and are prepared to act as your supportive partner throughout your claim.

Which Type of Bankruptcy Works for You?

At The Law Office of Patricia R. Stout, we focus on providing our clients support with Chapter 7 bankruptcy and have been doing so since 2007. Chapter 7 is an income dependent claim which also considers how many dependents you have. The more dependents you support, the greater the amount of income you can have and still qualify for filing.

In a Chapter 7 situation, you can keep your home as long as your mortgage payments are up to date and you have low equity in your home. This generally applies to your car as well. Secured debts are confirmed whereas unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills, and utility bills are discharged. A Chapter 7 claim is typically completed with 120 days, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Most everyone can qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, this option is more suited for individuals with a lot of equity in or already own their homes. For this reason, we believe that Chapter 7 is the better option and keep it the focus of our practice. However, we do not push one filing over another and can recommend a lawyer for a Chapter 13 situation if that is the option you choose, or you do not qualify for Chapter 7.

The Costs of Filing

The bankruptcy process costs you are looking at with our firm are $1,845, which includes filing fees. This amount can be split into three payments if you qualify. We work with all clients to determine the best course of payments. When you contact us for support, we will discuss all of your options in a relaxed, no-pressure setting.